The Mackerras/McKerras Family

In the 21st century there are branches of the Mackerras/McKerras family living in Australia, New Zealand, England, Wales and California – but not in our original Scotland.

There appear to be two branches in California, one of which is based around Red Bluff, Tehama and spells the name ‘McKerras’. The other uses the ‘Mackerras’ form and traces its roots to John Hugh Mackerras, who emigrated from the Moray area of Scotland to Canada in the early 1800’s. It is today represented by Scott Mackerras and his family.

The New Zealand McKerrases trace their origins back to John McKerras who, with his wife, Benjamina McKenzie, arrived there on the “Bolinda” (Bellina? Belinda?) on 18 Apr 1842. The long journey from Scotland took them via Australia, and some of their number moved between Australia and New Zealand. One of John’s children, William McKerras, took his young family to California during the gold rush days, and he is the ancestor of the Tehama McKerrases.

John’s brother, James Mackerras, is the ancestor of one of the Australian Mackerras families. This family has become well known both in Australia and overseas; it includes the conductor, Sir Charles Mackerras.

The other Australian family, and their cousins in Wales, descend from John’s uncle, Thomas Mackerras, a weaver who lived in Forres (in the Moray area of Scotland) in the late 1700’s.

The Mackerrases/McKerrases currently living in England belong to various of the above families.

Research indicates that the link between the California family descended from John Hugh Mackerras and the other Mackerrases/McKerrases in the world today, might be found back in the Logie (Edinkillie) area of Moray around the year 1600.

There are also many possible lines of descent ranging from this time, but it seems that the name has died out in all these lines.

Vale Sir (Alan) Charles Mackerras 1925 – 2010.

RIP Rebecca Lee Todd nee McKerras, 1973-2012.

Farewell Bob Mackerras, 1926-2016, and his sisters, Heather Geater (1927-2017) and Mollie Campbell (1919-2017).

#We are looking for Patricia Kirkham (b Wollongong 1948-1950), daughter of Margaret Mackerras. Please contact us.#

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